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“One either prefers the honest fakery of the neon or the fake honesty of the sunset - the undisguised artifice of culture or the cultural construction of ‘authentic’ nature - the genuine rhinestone, finally, or the imitation pearl.”

“Bad taste is real taste, of course, and good taste is the residue of someone else’s privilege - and Liberace cultivated them both in equal parts and often to disastrous effects.”

-Dave Hickey, Liberace: A Rhinestone as Big as the Ritz, 2005

I am trying to take my work less serious, while using humor to address ambiguous issues of weighted importance, which stem from the collective consciousness of consumerism, fame, sexuality and spirituality.  I paint abstract text and figuration, which may or not, say or do anything.  Serving as constructs for an image, I  want to make paintings which address the tactility of this fetishized medium. Thick, thin, sprayed and neon, I want my paintings to be sexy. Whether painting images of Gram Parsons or Liberace, or comedic phrases such as, “Brian Wilson’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake,” I am interested in a frustration or awkwardness, which comes alongside the viewing experience. Content maybe implied, such as the overly flamboyant, queer sensibilities in a painting of Liberace, but, I am more interested in what others bring and take away from the work.  An image should succeed as an image before it can say anything.  If my paintings are pleasurable or not, I am happy.  Being lost in translation can only shift one’s discourse. 



James Buckley Galloway